Enjoying the now, enjoying you!

Here I am, sitting within my bubble
Lost in the universe, immersed in my mind!
Bringing me to now, you sit across me
Finding myself again, only to be tiny me!

How can I not notice all you are?
How can I not steal a few moments?
Enjoying the now, enjoying you!
How can I not be amazed by you?

Thank you is all I can say
For giving me a moment
From you and your life!

– Nim –


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Wise enough to know love is for all beings…
Wise enough to know love is for all days…
Wise enough to know expectations is for no days…
Silly enough to expect a Miracle of Love on One Day!

– Nim –

My Idea…

A random idea popping out of nowhere
That happiness jumping from everywhere
This child who wants to share then an there

“Did you know?”

asks the child, another in the questionare…

“Really? I didn’t know”

says the father in loving care

That father and fathers before
Their mothers and fathers and more
Blessings shared in bliss forever more
Bless the child who grows to know more!

– Nim –

It’s been a while

It’s been a while
Since I looked into your eyes
Even now I’m looking into your eyes

It’s been a while
Since you held my hand
Even now I’m holding your hand

It’s been a while
Since we’ve lived together
Even now I’m living with you

You are my heart, and soul…
As I saw my heart and soul in your eyes
Everyday I look for you,
Although you are right here with me….

Even if I take another’s hand
I now know, my love for you will always be the same…

So I wait patiently
Until my mind and yours align

– Nim –

5 Ideas for “Uncreative” Days

I absolutely love this…

And among many takeaways, my biggest takeaway is to forgive myself for all the spelling and grammar mistakes I often make… (as apparently I was extremely artsy that day!!! ;))


I will be the first to admit that, some days, I just don’t feel like it. I don’t wanna, I have no creative ideas, and I just want to hide.

But I can’t hide from writing any more than I could hide behind a stack of books while working at Barnes and Noble. (And believe me, I tried 😂)

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Do I buy? Did I buy?  An Agile Mind…

Many products, services, ideas, beliefs, and views are sold to us everyday … Yes, I believe they are sold! Everything costs something; let it be money, time, or emotion…

As we speak I’m selling you, but as usual, the cost is only your time…

I am sure we all have ended up in situations where we are “stuck” with something we no longer want or believe in… I have found myself more often stuck in what I call the “doubtland”, after being burnt by my gullibility…

But, instead of being feared by my gullibility, I choose to use it…

I choose to check out everything I possibly can… but constantly observe what I need, want, serve me, serves others… In other words, be open minded…

I am somewhat comfortable in purchase decisions I make in “material world”, as in products or services…

But, ideas, beliefs, views, etc is a bit of a mind game for me…

So, I have come up with a little process for myself, that helps me making my purchase decision… which I choose to follow…

Step 1: Have a look / have an interest / be open about it

Step 2: Park it / Sit with it

Step 3: Trial it while fully observing it’s service to you.

Step 4: Buy it (but not subscribe to it if possible)

Step 5: Subscribe to it (if sure)

Step 6. Constantly revisit the current need against what you’ve bought/subscribed

At each step within this process, I have a choice … In fact the final choice is mine… No one can force…

I choose to be aware of my own say or choice in it…

At each step I can take a break, exit, change opinion…

And at each step I choose to know that I have a choice of “selling”/”recommending”, by honestly saying where I am at within the process with information that supports it.

IMHAHO (in my honest and humble opinion), mastering products and services in this process is relatively easy… But, ideas, beliefs, views, etc is rather a challenge…


practice makes perfect

someone said…

So, once again the choice is mine…

I choose to follow it…

Would you choose an Agile Mind too?

✌ + 💛

– Nim –

A journey to my universe, and that thing called "My Life"!!!

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